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Message from Executive Director

Executive DirectorKoji Hashimoto,
Executive Director

To Our Unitholders

We would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued excellent support.

With regard to the management status and financial results for the 8th fiscal period (fiscal period ended August 2017), One REIT worked on negotiations for upward rent revisions in line with market trends, while working to realize optimum property management costs by taking into account tenant needs and the characteristics of respective properties. As such, One REIT endeavored to maintain and improve the occupancy rate of the portfolio and enhance leasing business revenues.

As a result, One REIT’s assets at the end of the fiscal period ended August 2017 comprised a portfolio totaling 22 properties (total acquisition price: 89,359 million yen, not including silent partnership equity interest), a total leasable area of 148,828.24 ㎡ and the occupancy rate at the end of the fiscal period ended August 2017 was 98.7%. Concerning distributions, in view of distributing almost the entire amount of unappropriated retained earnings at the end of the fiscal period ended August 2017, One REIT declared distribution per investment unit of 5,948 yen.

We will aim to maximize unitholder value by further strengthening cooperation with the sponsor and pursuing “continuous growth of distributions” and “disciplined external growth considering the portfolio and financial structure.”

We appreciate your continued support and patronage.